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Contempororay Dance Class 
with Maria Koripas




Block Booking 

£10 Per Class


£12 Per Class




First Floor Dance Studio

St.Paul's Church 

Church Hill, Winchmore Hill, London N21 

Parking Available 

Class Level

General - Mixed Ability

Suitable for adults with one year's recent dance

fitness training or Yoga experience.

This class draws on a range of influences from

Maria's movement and dance background. 

 Her approach embraces mind-body connection with 

 use of breath to energise and release movement. 

The core is also key and the point that powers

a multi-dimensional presence in space.

Class will begin with a warm-up, stretch and strengthening in the centre,  

followed by travelling across the space and dancing a movement phrase in the wider space.

Improvisation within clear structures will play some part in each session to

experiment and discover new ways of moving.


The class aims to: 

 improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination.  

It will also aim to develop spatial awareness,

dynamic qualities,  and expression.

Ultimately teaching will be focused on safe practice,  

and creating a supportive environment where individuals can feel inspired, confident and free

to enjoy dancing as well as gain the

wider health and well-being benefits dance can bring.

Maria Koripas   
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