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Bright Half Life 2022


King's Head Theatre

'Maria Koripas has done an outstanding job orchestrating the choreography of this extended pas de deux.' 

LondonTheatre1 ★★★★

John O’Brien  

'Director Steven Kunis, working in tandem with movement director Maria Koripas, sweeps simply and clearly through the text, unveiling episodes of great joy and deep sadness.'

The Stage ★★★

Paul Vale

'evocative movement directed by mega talented Maria Koripas'

Amba Horton

'I'm still thinking about the play...specifically about the actors and the way they moved, like there were invisible elastic bands between them, stretching and contracting as they moved around the stage. Brilliant.'

Lorna Bowden


What if life came with a rewind button?

Jumping across time, Bright Half Life tells the four-and-a-half-decade story of Vicky and Erica, who meet, fall in love, start a family, and traverse the highs, lows, joys, and fears that come from sharing your life with someone else.

Author of the ground-breaking Pulitzer Prize-nominated play BLUE DOOR, Tanya Barfield writes a contemporary classic about love, heartbreak, skydiving, and the infinite moments that make up a relationship. Depicting queer love in the richest and most original of ways, Bright Half Life is an intensely romantic and moving play depicting love that is complicated and ever-changing.

Writer Tanya Barfield
Director Steven Kunis
Movement director Maria Koripas
Voice and Accent Coach Amanda Stephens-Lee
Set and costume designer Cara Evans
Lighting designer Alex Lewer
Composer and sound designer Asaf Zohar
Dramaturg Krysianna Pappadakis
Casting director Anne Vosser
Production manager Kit Hinchcliffe

Producer Panorama Productions
General manager Paul Virides for David Adkin Limited
Assistant general manager Bailey Harris-Kelly

Marketing Emma Martin

PR Anna Arthur


Photographer: Pamela Raith

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