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Woman at Point Zero


'A privileged first look at an arresting new piece of music theatre...choreographed by director Maria Koripas'  

Bill Barclay


'movement was stunning... a really successful combination of all its varied ingredients into a serious work of art'

Oliver Butterworth,  Musicstage

'So rich and well integrated I absolutely am in awe'  

Ying Tan,  Curator

'loved how inventive it was...the movement direction with the musicians, for example, was brilliant…such raw,
mesmerising power’ 

Kate Church, Director & Producer 


Composer Bushra El Turk

Librettist Sabrina Mahfouz

Director / Choreographer Maria Koripas  

Singer/Firdaus/ Co creator Merit Stephanos

Ensemble Zar

Woman at Point Zero is a highly charged movement-based opera inspired by the seminal novel by Egyptian author, feminist and doctor Nawal el Saadawi, about her encounter in a Cairo prison with Firdaus, a prostitute condemned to death for murdering her pimp.

Photo gallery is work in progress performance at Clean Break and LSO St. Luke's for the

 Royal Opera House / Shubbak Festival.

Photos and Trailer: Merass Sadek 

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