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Silk Moth


Silk Moth Music Excerpt - Bushra El-Turk
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‘Aesthetically intelligent and culturally engaged...Silk Moth was the most significant debut overheard... a necessarily intense musical and dramatic experience...a well-wrought piece of composition, powerfully performed... an emotional, powerful work... immersive and intense.’      

Jim Quilty, Beirut Daily Star

Composer Bushra El Turk

Librettist Eleanor Knight

Conductor and Musical Director Toby Purser 

Director Michael Moxham

Co-Director  and Movement  Maria Koripas  

Designer Giulia Scrimieri

Soprano Enas Massalha

Ensemble Zar

Every year an estimated 5000 women worldwide are murdered by their own families in so-called honour killings, 12 of them in the UK. 
'Silkmoth' places onstage a mother. We are her guests at home. This one-woman opera raises powerful questions: what is her role in this horrific 'tradition'? Is she a victim, submissive, or coldly complicit? But she conveys that, from the moment a daughter is born, she represents shame, dishonour and sexual provocation, all of which have to be washed away into non-existence. The raw energy of the ensemble is scattered around the space, engulfing the audience and the mother, to experience this audiovisual landscape that leads to its shocking cultural conclusion.
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