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'Images are enhanced throughout by Maria Koripas' Stunning movement elements – a real highlight of the piece
Jess Morrissey  

'Picasso is a memorable production, vibrating with absorbing and expressive performances’        

                Anna Zanetti                       

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 13.24.01.png

'elegantly staged...eloquently acted’ 

Michael Billington


Writer Terry d’Alfonso
Director Michael Hunt

Movement Director Maria Koripas

Associate Producer Jessica Andrews
Design and Costumes Klara Zieglerova
Lighting Design David Cunningham

AV and Sound Design Matthew Ferguson
Associate Designer Rachel Twyford
Production Manager David Stothard
Assistant Director Thomas Mittelheuser
Stage Manager Holly Marsh


Cast: Peter Tate, Adele Oni, Claire Bowman, Alejandra Costa

‘When I love a woman everything is torn apart, everything, including the woman, including my paintings, including myself. Over this, I have no control.‘

Picasso-genius or monster or both? He wrote ‘Love is the greatest refreshment in life’. His greatest love was his art, and no woman could ever compare, yet he could not live without them.

Photos:   Tristram Kenton for The Guardian
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