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What People Say...




'Maria Koripas is one of the best stage movement and dance director/coaches working in the U.K. opera/theatre profession.   She combines great insight and knowledge with many years of practical experience.


Maria is able to clarify the dramatic intentions of singers/actors and work effectively to enhance and strengthen their movement, gesture and physical expression. She is able to obtain real strength as well as draw subtle nuances from everyone on stage, individually and in groups.     


Maria works with the utmost sensitivity to singers/actors and is always supportive and encouraging. She is a fantastic presence in the rehearsal room and there’s no one I would rather have on an opera/theatre creative team.' 

Philip Headlam, Conductor

Photo: Maria Aghababaie
Photo: Kat Mahale
Photo: Nikian Aghababaie

'Working with Maria is always a HUGE pleasure as she really cares about her productions and her collaborators.
A visionary and mastermind, her experience and knowledge spans the art forms.  She just ‘get’s it’.

Daring, sensitive and open-minded, she is great at motivating musicians at breaking their own taboos and self-limitations and inspiring them to discover new possibilities in their playing and artistry.' 

Bushra El-Turk, Composer


'Maria is intuitively connected to the body and movement - her skills go far beyond cerebral knowledge; she is holistically unified with the human form and how it relates to other beings and objects.   
She is incredibly clear when teaching/describing movement, I had no previous movement teaching and Maria relayed very quickly and clearly what she wanted me to do, I was blown away with what we did, I can’t rate her highly enough.
She is very patient, kind and hugely knowledgeable; she is exciting and inspirational to be around.'  
Kathryn Chapman, Creative Photographer

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