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Lali 2023


Network Theatre - Vault Festival 

'It’s electric to watch how simple it is for Hamta to become another character. The switch and movements never leave anyone confused about who she is portraying.'

Ayah Khan, Voice Magazine ★★★★★

'She nails the shift in characters with one simple body movement (a craning of the neck to the side for Megan, and one hand presented slightly forward for another character, Aaron)...'

Liam O'Dell ★★★★

When Lali goes to a job interview, to tutor the children of the affluent Bamford family, things take an unexpected turn. After falling asleep in a wendy house in the family’s garden, she refuses to leave; preferring the insular, pretend realm of the house, over the grief that awaits her in the real world. Over the course of a week, the Bamfords are forced to look at themselves anew through the gaze of this new intruder, and Lali too must come to face what she has refused to acknowledge.



Writer/Performner Shadi Hamta
Director Masha Kevinovna

Assistant Director Elizabeth Hollingshead
Assistant Producer Grace Dobson

Set and Costume Designer Cara Evans

Composer Engin Eskici

Lighting Designer Lucy Adams

Movement director Maria Koripas
Art Work Andy McCredie


Photographer: Pamela Raith

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